How to Play Liebestraum No 3 Love Dream Piano Tutorial Franz Liszt Lesson

Step by step FULL piano tutorial lesson on how to play Liebestraum No 3 Love Dream by Franz Liszt. (Complete Guide to Liebestr√§ume No 3 Love Dream in A flat Major – Practice Piano Tutorial with exercises for speed and accuracy) – All Parts Free 

In this video you will be able to understand how to practice to improve your speed and accuracy while being as musical as possible. I will explain in detail melodies and chords slowly, section by section and part by part separately. How to practice and perform Liszt’s Liebestraum No 3 Love Dream. Enjoy! 

Intro: Liebestraum performance. A flat Major Scale, Chords and Inversions Explained. Using the A flat major scale melodically. Bass patterns with the left hand. Tension chords. Using the metronome.

Chord Progression: Ab Major – C7 – F7 – Bb7 – Dm7(b5) or Bb9 – Eb7 – AbM (Inversions Explained) Chord practice to help with memorization and increasing the knowledge of harmony. Chords, Melody and Bass line Together.

Understanding dynamics: p (piano), dolce, legato with affection. Crescendo and Diminuendo. Working with 2 voices. Using the chromatic scale to add variety to the piece. Playing the melody with the thumb. More chords: Dbm – Fm – CM – Am – EM -C#m – Eb7

Cadenza: Analyzing Chords – Dbm – EbM with inversions. Down – Up movements Explained. Fingering. Gaining momentum. Practicing with rhythms, accents. Pedaling. Study tips. Practice tips. Finger independence. Study habits.

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